The Pros And Cons Of Farmers Markets

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Farmers markets are not a new concept to selling vegetables, meat produce or fruits. This kind of marketing has been in existence for many years and are a vital way for farmers to make an income. These markets are found all over the world. The operation can be a small or one that has many members. There are both pros and cons to consider. Here are just a few positive thoughts when considering buying from a farmers market. (1) The produce and goods sold are fresh and can be bought in bulk for a reasonable cost. (2) Selling is on a personal level and a gives both the buyer and farmer an opportunity to develop a friendship. (3) Money earned stays in the community and value of the commuinity is increased. There are negatives also. (1) If small purchases are made it may be more feasible to buy at the local grocery store. This is especially true if a person is single or a couple has no children. (2) There are instances where a farmer may purchase items at the store and try to sell them as his own. (3) Strict rules for pricing or labeling meat are not enforced.

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