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A record number of weddings are expected to take place in 2023. With so many weddings and the continuous sharing of new ideas and inspiration online, it’s never been easier to find the perfect ideas to make a perfect wedding celebration. It is evident that 2023 ceremonies will be captivating guests with a variety of unique trends in the new year. We have gathered a selection of innovative and creative trends that will surely impress to help aid you in planning your special celebration.

Prioritize the Party

Many couples are opting to prioritize the party in their wedding celebrations. Shorter ceremonies that occur earlier in the day allow the wedding festivities to last a while longer and give the couple more time to mingle with all the people they love.

Intimate Ceremonies

Intimate ceremonies with under 50 attendees are becoming more and more popular. These ceremonies allow couples to spend more quality time with all of their guests, and can often save money and stress. A smaller guest list also allows for more splurges in the budget for things like entertainment and florals. While Red Gate Farms’ Barn and Grainery are spacious enough to accommodate large affairs, they are perfect for more intimate celebrations as well.

Sustainable Focus

Throughout all industries, there is a growing effort in sustainability efforts. The wedding industry is no different! To help minimize waste that can be common in weddings, more and more couples are choosing eco-friendly options for their big day. Some growing trends we are seeing include electronic invites instead of traditional paper ones, incorporating hand-me-down decor instead of purchasing everything brand new, sustainable food options, and wooden, reusable flowers!


Bridal Dresses

Wedding gown designs using tulle have remained popular through the decades and this year is no different. However, many designers have released all-tulle dresses for a flowy and whimsical bridal look. Seventies-inspired flared sleeves have also been making their comeback, adding a dramatic and fashionable feel to wedding dresses. The Pantone Color of the Year, Viva Magenta, is also likely to be popular for wedding party looks this year. 

Added Drama

Elaborate wedding cakes are back! Look for over-the-top cake displays and stunning confections this year along with decadent refreshments such as Red Gate’s Bottomless Cocktail Coffee Bar as well as our delectable Preferred Caterers’ charcuterie board options that are sure to wow guests.


Aisle Ideas

Aisle alternatives will be making their arrival this year. Longer aisles, walking solo, and entrances with flare are becoming more popular. What could be more romantic than a 300-year-old live oak tree as your backdrop and a walk down the aisle beginning with a horse and carriage?

Dramatic Details

Florals, lighting, draping, and ceiling decor will be front and center this year. Fine attention to these details will give a picturesque backdrop for a magical celebration. The breathtaking drapery and lights in The Barn or the vaulted ceilings in The Grainery are sure to give couples the touch of detail they’re looking for.

Get Started

Plan a wedding day you’ll treasure forever at Red Gate Farms. No matter which trends you wish to include, you’re sure to find the perfect backdrop for your event. We have three breathtaking venues on our 440-acre property located just minutes from downtown Savannah. Contact us today to book your 2023 or 2024 wedding.