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From the moment of your proposal to the time you walk down the aisle, your wedding party will be there to celebrate you, your beloved, and your happily ever after. They’ll throw unforgettable bachelor and bachelorette trips, shower you with love at engagement parties, and most importantly, make sure you feel loved and supported every step of the way. Whether they’re siblings, family members, old friends or new, the people you’ve chosen to be in your wedding party are the people you hold nearest and dearest to your heart. 

As you prepare to add your wedding day to your long list of shared memories, you might be searching for ways you can show how grateful you are to your best guys and girls. We’ve gathered a list of gift suggestions your wedding party is sure to love, both on your wedding day and beyond! 

Silky, Matching Robes

While you and your crew get glammed up the morning of your big day, indulge in some style and comfort with matching silk robes. With several options and colors to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect set of robes to match your wedding palette and unique style. Your bridal party will love getting ready in something so luxurious, and they’ll surely wear them again and again after the wedding is over! An added plus: Coordinated robes make for beautiful photo-ops if you have a photographer documenting all of the events leading up to the ceremony!

Fun and Functional Totes

During your wedding day, you and your bridal party will likely have a few things you’ll want to have nearby—makeup for touch-ups, a water bottle, and maybe even a comfy pair of shoes to change into once the ceremony is over!

Not only will gifting these cute totes make life easier on the big day, but they’re also perfect for reusing in the future as beach bags, carry-ons, or shopping bags for a day of errands.

Choose from a wide array of colors and styles, and add an extra personal touch with custom embroidery. You can even fill your totes with goodies for each member of your bridal party—snacks, compact mirrors, flip flops, you name it!

Spirited Spirits

Ever the crowd-pleaser, gifting your best friends with a bottle of their favorite alcohol will surely be a welcomed surprise. Your crew will certainly enjoy having something to sip on as they prepare for the big day ahead, so be sure to have some essentials like ice and cups on hand. Whether your friends prefer bourbon, whiskey, or even a nice bottle of champagne, they will appreciate your effort in gifting them with their drink of choice. If you want to take it a step further, print out custom labels and stick them on the bottles to commemorate the special day.

Comfy Slippers

Affordable, easy to personalize, and perfectly cozy, a pair of plush slippers always makes a great gift.

Your bridal party will love to slide these on as they prepare for the big day ahead, and they’ll surely wear them again as they relax and unwind at home after all of the wedding festivities are over. Looking to add some extra flair? Try embroidering the slippers with monograms or fun sayings, and opt for an open-toed style to show off your fresh pedicures.

Custom Cigar Holders

Over the past few centuries, cigars have become symbols of celebration. From achievements to reaching milestones, some of life’s most memorable moments have been commemorated with the lighting of cigars. So, on the most momentous day of your life, it’s only fitting to enjoy a cigar while in the company of your closest friends. If you’re looking for a unique gift that plays upon this timeless tradition, consider cigar holders. Monogrammed and equipped with a cutter, these holders are both elegant and handy as you all celebrate both this special occasion and your enduring friendships.

Red Gate Farms

When it comes to showing your wedding party how much you appreciate them, there truly is no way to go wrong! At the end of the day, what’s most important is that you are choosing to share one of your life’s most beautiful moments with them by your side. If you’re looking for the perfect place to celebrate your marriage with the people you love the most, Red Gate Farms offers three gorgeous venues surrounded by unmatched natural beauty. Contact us today to learn more about our space or to schedule a tour!