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Finding the perfect Savannah wedding venue is a huge step when it comes to planning! Your venue choice determines the style of your wedding, what type of decor you’ll use, the overall tone of the evening and so much more. While it can be fun and exciting to choose a venue, you’ll need to get serious about a few important factors before signing any contracts. Here are some things you need to know before committing to a wedding venue.

historic Savannah wedding venue

A Variety of Backdrops

When it comes to wedding photography, a beautiful backdrop is just as important as a beautiful bride and groom. Search for a venue that has plenty of Pinterest-worthy photo locations both indoors and outdoors. Look for a good mix of scenic landscapes, lush greenery, bodies of water, rustic touches, and walls with bright pops of color. That way, you’ll have a variety of gorgeous, unique photos when choosing your perfect wedding portrait. 

Savannah outdoor wedding reception venue

Private Parking

The less responsibility you can put on your wedding guests, the better! Skip the inconvenient parking meters and pricey parking garages in favor of a venue with ample private parking. Not only will this save your guests money and frustration, but it’ll also help them arrive at your ceremony right on time.

A Spacious Dance Floor

Be sure that your venue has plenty of space to bust a move! The dance floor may look big while you’re touring an empty venue, but after you factor in tables, chairs, decor, and all of your guests, the space can often be a little cramped. Ask the venue staff about dance floor capacity, and see if they have a mock floor plan that includes table and chair placements to see if the space is right for you.

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A Flawless Rain Plan

Rainy wedding days happen, but rain doesn’t mean the day is ruined! If you’re having an outdoor soiree and rain drops start falling, the day can be just as wonderful as long as there’s a flawless rain plan. Make sure that your venue has a rain plan that can be easily executed and has also been done before. Most likely, you won’t need to use it, but you’ll sleep easier knowing that there’s a solid plan in place.

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Knowledgeable Staff

Once you get into the thick of wedding planning, you’ll rely on your venue staff to answer questions about logistics, catering, decor, contracts and so much more. When choosing a venue, take note of the level of knowledge, professionalism and friendliness of the staff. You’ll be working closely with them for months on your special day, so it’s imperative that you choose a venue with an excellent, attentive and knowledgeable staff.

Finding the perfect wedding venue is a lot of fun, but there are many important things to consider! From the rustic and classic Barn to the chic and industrial Grainery to even our intimate Bell Tower, Red Gate Farms has plenty of venue options for every type of bride. If you think that Red Gate Farms is the right venue for you, book an appointment to tour any of our Savannah wedding venues!