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Wedding terminology can seem like a foreign language. Some terms are universal but others can be unique to specific venues. We have included some terms which might be unique to us alongside commonly used universal language. 

Altar — Meet us at the altar! The altar is where you exchange vows and it is the focus of the entire event. Traditionally, altars were for displaying the first communion. Most weddings today do not include communion. The altar can be adorned with sheer draping, a geometric shape, cross, arbor, or one of the magical Live Oak trees Red Gate is famous for. Whatever your vision for the altar, there is no wrong answer. Ask us to help you make your altar dreams become a reality. 

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Bouquet — The bride and bridesmaids typically carry flowers called bouquets. Our floral designers are the experts on all the flowers you have heard of and even some you probably haven’t. There are also options for custom wooden bouquets or bouquets made of beautiful grasses and greenery. It should be unique for the bride and definitely include her favorites. 

Cocktail Hour — Our cocktail hour is designed to provide you and your guests with your favorite drinks while enjoying quality time with friends and family. Cocktail hour is usually right after the ceremony.  Your guests enjoy appetizers and drinks while the couple and wedding party are finishing photos. Whether beer and wine or our popular “Taste of the South” beverage package, we have all the libations you love.

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Charger Plate — These large flat oversized dishes mark each setting at the dinner table. Chargers come in various colors and materials. From natural wood to an industrial metal, the options are limited only by your imagination. They really can accent your color pallet and theme and help the setting look complete.

Event Consultant — Red Gate provides a consultant for each event. After booking, each couple meets with their event consultant to discuss all of their ideas for the wedding day. Consultants then connect couples to vendors that are perfect for their vision.  

Final Planning Session — The final planning session is held 30-45 days prior to your wedding day. At this meeting we review every detail for the big day with the couple and the day of coordinator. This ensures that the wedding day runs flawlessly. 

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Golden Hour — Golden hour is magical time during sunrise or sunset when the lighting is a photographer’s dream. Unless you are getting married at 6:00 a.m., most ceremonies are scheduled to take place about one hour before sunset to ensure photographers take advantage of this optimal lighting. 

Head Table — The head table is a VIP table at the reception that would sit the bride, groom, their bridal party, and/or immediate family members. If you want a more intimate option, many couples elect to have a sweetheart table and then have a reserved table for guests of honor. 

In-House Catering — Our in house caterers are amazing and cook some of the most delicious food in the South.  Whether your idea of the perfect wedding food is wood-fire grilled pizza, a low country boil or a formal plated dinner, one of our 6 amazing caterers can do exactly what you want. 

Kickstart Planning Session — In the kickstart planning session, we’ll go over your ideas and budget for your big day. We then refer and introduce you to vendors that can make all of your dreams a reality. Our vendors are licensed, insured, vetted and have performed hundreds of events with us. Choosing the right vendors is the most important part of wedding planning. 

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Lantern Rentals — Lanterns are perfect for centerpieces, decorating the aisle, or hanging from one of our famous Live oaks! Rustic wood lanterns, wrought iron lanterns or hurricane style, we offer multiple lantern options through our in-house rentals. Adding candles or lanterns to your table centerpieces enhances all of the custom specialty lighting in the ceilings of The Barn and The Grainery. 

MOH — The Maid of Honor or Matron of Honor traditionally is the one that stands directly by the bride at the altar. Usually, this person is the closest friend or family member of the bride, and she is the person the bride leans on for emotional support on wedding day. The MOH offers a Kleenex or a glass of champagne. She is typically the bride’s support before, during and after the wedding. 

Nosegay — Nosegays are the small bouquets or flowers held by the bridesmaids. With hundreds of flowers to choose from, our florists can help you design a complete floral plan for your wedding. They are usually similar and have complimentary flowers to the brides bouquet. 

Open Bar — Who doesn’t love an open bar at a wedding reception? We have multiple open bar options for your special event. If you are not sure what an open bar is, ask anyone you know. 

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Pet-Friendly — Is your best friend furry? We encourage you to have your pet be a part of your wedding day. Red Gate is a pet friendly facility. 

Rehearsal — Preparation is key! Included with your venue fee is a one-hour rehearsal. This detailed line up is extremely important. All members of the wedding party should be in attendance. The minister, musicians and family members should all be present. It is often followed by a rehearsal dinner. Set up your rehearsal time with your Event Consultant. 

Signature Cocktail — We offer a variety of specially crafted Red Gate Signature Cocktails. Come up with a cute name that uses your new last name or goes along with the theme of your wedding and rename one of our custom drinks. Signature cocktails are a great way to have your guests experience something new right along with you. Check out these ideas for signature cocktails that your guests will love.

Table Designs — The right table designs can help bring your wedding theme to life! Flowers, pictures, candles, and china can really make your table designs pop. Our floral designers and planners can help you come up with something unique just to you. Most of the guests’ time is spent sitting around the reception table, so it’s a good opportunity to share your unique style with your guests. 

Usher — While once a common site at weddings, today’s couples have a more laissez faire approach. The main concern is not which side you choose but that you are in attendance.  

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Veil — Adding this charming hair accessory can make it a reality that you’re getting married! Whatever length or style you choose, a veil will make for an alluring entrance when you walk down the aisle. Historically used to shield the bride from onlookers, today it is looked at as more of an accessory or enhancement to your wedding dress.  

E(x)it — A grand exit from your wedding is the final photo opportunity of the night. All of your loved ones gather to send you off in memorable style. Streamers, bubbles or sparklers all fill the frame and make for the perfect celebratory shot. Add a vintage car or trolley exit and these moments will top the night. These stunning exit photos are always among the favorites.

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Yes — Saying “Yes!” is the first step when it comes to having a wedding! And right after that? Engagement photos! Red Gate Farms is filled with gorgeous scenery that is perfect for a dreamy, Southern photoshoot. After you’ve selected your photographer, reach out to us to schedule your included photo session. 

Zen — Our preferred professional vendors know Red Gate and know weddings. You are sure to be Zen on wedding day when you leave the details to us.

If you’ve read through the list of wedding details from A-Z but still feel like you need help getting organized, let us know! We’d be happy to help you with each step of the Savannah wedding planning process. Contact us today to find out more about our wedding venue options.