Red Gate Farms

No longer do couples have to use bold colors and grand displays to make a statement on their special day. Over the years, minimalist weddings have been growing in popularity, and for good reason! Minimalism is a “less is more” mindset that modern couples are embracing to achieve an ultra-chic wedding aesthetic. Minimalist wedding ideas, which most often feature neutral wedding color palettes, industrial and natural wedding venues, and lots of greenery, are adaptable for almost any budget and season. Here are a few of the many ways we have seen couples embrace minimalism for their weddings.

Simple Greenery and White Florals

Leafy greenery is the perfect way to add pops of neutral color that decorate venue spaces in a non-invasive way. Ferns, eucalyptus, and lamb’s ear are popular choices that can be easily arranged with both live or faux options.

For those who would like to include florals on their wedding day while still staying true to the minimalistic look, we suggest adding beautiful, fragrant white flowers to your arrangements! Roses, hydrangeas, snapdragons, and even tulips in hues of white will add a perfectly elegant touch to your wedding day blooms.

For those looking to make a subtle yet stunning statement at their reception, we recommend draping our farmhouse table with light greenery and floral arrangements. The farmhouse table, offered in-house from Red Gate Farms, can be added to your reception décor for an elegant yet laid back feel.

White Decor

White decor, especially in the form of linens, is an amazing way to give the event space a clean and elegant feel. This could include drapes, tablecloths, or seat covers. Hues of white and ivories can open up the space and shift the attention to other decor like greenery or accents. Included with your venue fee at Red Gate Farms are white linens and white garden chairs for your ceremony and reception.

Embracing Naturally Beautiful Venues

With a venue like Red Gate Farms, you can let the surrounding natural beauty speak for itself! Our ancient Spanish-moss draped live oaks create an unrivaled, stunning backdrop to your ceremony. For those looking for a striking focal point for their vows, we offer a wooden hexagon arch that can either be adorned with greenery, flowers, or left as-is for a more minimalistic look. Draping the oak’s limbs with a few hanging lanterns is also a perfect way to embrace the natural setting in a subtle, elevated way.

Sleek and Satin Looks

Satin dresses for both brides and bridesmaids are rising in popularity. Without lace and detail, this texture is sleek, clean, and chic. Its simplicity ensures the bridal party has an elegant and timeless look. Oftentimes even minimalistic brides who don’t opt for a satin gown choose an unembellished dress of a different texture to achieve a similar, simply stunning look. To complete the wedding day outfit, sleek block-heeled sandals are an amazing choice to help the full ensemble come together seamlessly. 

Monochromatic Themes

Choosing a monochromatic color scheme is a minimalist wedding dream. Placing the focus on a singular color looks amazing in video and photography. It can also make planning less complicated. To achieve this look, couples often use shades of a single color for things like stationery and bouquets. It’s common for monochromatic couples to even include their guests in the theme by requesting a certain color be worn in a dress code. 

Ghost Chairs/Marais Chairs

Ghost chairs are the perfect modern addition to an industrial venue space like The Grainery at Red Gate Farms. Many variations of this type of chair are clear acrylic and completely transparent, leaving a “ghostly” silhouette. Ultimately, it creates a seamless and less bulky space. Plus, these look gorgeous paired with our traditional farmhouse table


Less can be more when it comes to wedding decor. Minimalism allows the couple to be very intentional about the decor pieces they choose to incorporate into their wedding day. Often, this type of decor creates a timeless look that is just as beautiful as dramatic and elaborate decor choices. Let Red Gate Farms be the backdrop for the wedding of your dreams! Get in touch and schedule a tour today.