wedding and event venues Savannah


How many tables will fit in each venue?

The Grainery can hold up to 27 tables, the Barn can hold 18 tables, and the Belle Tower can fit six tables.

What size are the tables and how many do they seat?
The tables provided with the venue fee are 60” round. Ten people can fit at each table but it is most comfortable with eight or nine.
Can we bring our own decorations?
Can we bring items to the wedding rehearsal if our wedding is following day?
No items can be left at the venues overnight.
Can we pick up decorations and personal items the day after the wedding?
No items can be left at the venues overnight.
Who directs the wedding?

We require all couples to have a Day of Coordinator and they direct the wedding.

My parents/family would like to see the Venue. Can we drop by or do we need to make an appointment?

Yes, you can bring your parents or family to see the venue but an appointment is necessary.

Can cars be left in the venue parking lot overnight?

Yes, cars should be picked up by noon the following day.

How does one gain a marriage license in the state of Georgia?
Both the bride and groom must be 18 years old without parental consent and must show a valid driver’s license. To apply, the bride and groom must both be present. Some counties require a bride or groom to provide a divorce decree or death certificate if the bride or groom was previously married. There is no waiting period to get a marriage license in the state of Georgia. If the bride and groom are nonresidents, they must get their license in the county they are getting married in. One can contact a probate court Monday – Friday to receive more information. Counties have different prices for a marriage license. Some counties even offer a discount if a premarital counseling certificate is submitted. Be certain to call the county in which you are getting married in to obtain more information.

Call (912) 652-7267 to receive more information for obtaining a marriage license in Chatham County, Savannah. This is the county the Venues are located.

How long do we get the venue when we rent it for an event?

You are allowed into the dressing rooms three hours prior to the ceremony and have four and a half hours for the ceremony and reception and one hour after for clean up of your personal items.

Are we required to use your vendors?
We do require clients to use our bar if they serve alcoholic beverages. If you choose a caterer that is not on our preferred vendor list, we charge a fee.
What methods of payment can be used at Red Gate Farms?

Payments can be made via debit/credit card. Cash/check payments will not be accepted. Please note that all card transactions have a 3.5% payment processing fee added to the balance.