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  • How many tables will fit in each venue?
    During your final review session, your dedicated Red Gate Farms client manager will assist you in creating a custom diagram tailored to your event. They will provide expert advice on optimizing flow and aesthetics while ensuring that your vision is fully taken into account. Additionally, click here for examples of standard floor plans for weddings with guest counts of 50, 100, and 150. These examples can serve as a helpful reference to give you an idea of how your layout might look.
  • What size are the tables and how many do they seat?
    At Red Gate Farms, we provide 5-foot round tables and linens for receptions, and white garden chairs for both reception and ceremony seating. For optimal seating arrangements, we recommend having 8 guests per table if your total guest count is under 130. However, if your guest count exceeds 130, we may suggest accommodating 10 guests per table to allow for a more spacious dance floor area. If you are having a plated meal or using charger plates, there is an 8-guest max per table. This will ensure that your guests have ample room to enjoy the festivities.
  • Can we bring our own decorations?
    Yes, and all decor and enhancements are the responsibility of the client to setup and cleanup. Vendor access to the premises is granted 4 hours prior to the event start time. This designated time also serves as the window for you to drop off any do-it-yourself (DIY) decorations to your Day of Coordinator.However, it is important to note that, for liability reasons, nothing is permitted to be left on the premises overnight. We kindly request that all items be removed at the conclusion of the event.
  • Who directs the wedding?
    In order to ensure the successful execution of your wedding, Red Gate Farms mandates the engagement of a professional day of coordinator or event planner who has been approved by Red Gate Farm’s Venue Manager. The complexities involved in coordinating numerous vendors and managing the event timeline necessitate the expertise of an experienced event planner. Throughout the entire event, from load-in to load-out or whenever any vendor is on the property, it is required that your chosen event planner be present. Their presence ensures strict adherence to Red Gate Farm's policies by the renter, vendors, and guests, thereby facilitating a smooth and compliant event. Please note that our venue fee structure is solely based on facility rental. Consequently, we do not provide on-site staff to handle comprehensive wedding planning, coordination, direction, execution, or decoration for your event. If any assistance is required from Red Gate Farms or venue management staff in executing your event, a minimum charge of $250 per hour will be applied for this service at a minimum of 8 hours.
  • My parents/family would like to see the venue. Can we drop by or do we need to make an appointment?
    Yes, you can bring your parents or family to see the venue, but an appointment is necessary.
  • Can cars be left in the venue parking lot overnight?
    Yes, cars should be picked up by noon the following day.
  • How does one gain a marriage license in the state of Georgia?
    Both members of the couple getting married must be 18 years old without parental consent and must show a valid driver’s license. To apply, both members of the couple must be present. Some counties require a bride or groom to provide a divorce decree or death certificate if the bride or groom was previously married. There is no waiting period to get a marriage license in the state of Georgia. If the couple is nonresident, they must get their license in the county they are getting married. One can contact a probate court Monday – Friday to receive more information. Counties have different prices for a marriage license. Some counties even offer a discount if a premarital counseling certificate is submitted. Be certain to call the county in which you are getting married to obtain more information. Call (912) 652-7267 to receive more information about obtaining a marriage license in Chatham County, Savannah. This is the county where the venues are located.
  • How long do we get the venue when we rent it for an event?
    You have four and a half hours for the ceremony and reception and one hour after the event for clean up of your personal items.Access to the ready room is provided 3 hours prior to the event and is primarily intended as a touch-up room. If you require more time for hair and makeup preparations, we recommend considering starting offsite at an alternate location. However, if you find that you need additional ready room time at Red Gate Farms, it is available for purchase for an added fee. Simply inform your client manager, and they will be able to assist you in adding this additional time to your arrangements.
  • Are we required to use your vendors?
    At Red Gate Farms, we have extensive experience with hosting weddings, and based on our expertise, we have curated a list of preferred vendors who have consistently provided exceptional services to our clients. Outside vendors are allowed on-site but, if you choose to hire an outside vendor, it is important to ensure that they can provide the necessary documentation to Red Gate Farms. It is mandatory to consult your client manager about non-preferred vendors before finalizing any bookings to ensure they meet all licensing and insurance requirements needed to work an event at Red Gate Farms. The use of outside vendor documents is essential to protect both you and the venue. Our top priority is to ensure that you have an outstanding experience, and this is often easier with vendors we are familiar with and trust.
  • What methods of payment can be used at Red Gate Farms?
    Payments can be made via debit/credit card. Cash/check payments will not be accepted.
  • Are we allowed to bring in our own alcohol?
    Red Gate Farms requires the use of our preferred beverage caterer, but with several competitively priced beverage packages to choose from, we are sure you will find an option to meet your needs and budget.Red Gate Farms does not allow any outside bar services or a cash bar option.
  • Are there any service fees?
    There is a 15% service fee on all venue and beverage-related fees.
  • Is outside catering allowed?
    Red Gate Farms has curated a list of handpicked caterers that we then match to your personal taste, style, and budget. If the client chooses to hire a caterer not on this list, that caterer must be approved by the Venue Manager and there is an outside catering fee of $1,000.00 plus $5.00 per guest for each guest over 100. The client will be responsible for providing Red Gate Farms with a signed copy (by the caterer) of the Outside Vendor Catering Contract thirty (30) days prior to the contracted event date. The outside caterer must also provide Red Gate Farms with the most up-to-date health inspection, proof of business license, liability insurance (reflecting specified names provided by Red Gate Farms as additional insured), and proof of workers' compensation insurance. Red Gate Farms does not allow non-licensed catering or self-catering. Red Gate Farms strongly encourages obtaining venue approval before signing contracts with any outside vendors.
  • How do I find out if my date is available?
    We host events seven days a week at our three beautiful venues. Let me know in the message what date you are looking for and I will get back with you with our availabilities.
  • Do you have outdoor ceremony locations?
    We have multiple outdoor locations to choose from at all of our amazing venues.
  • How far are you from downtown Savannah, GA?
    Although you will feel like you are miles from the bustling city, Red Gate Farms is located just 6 miles from beautiful & historic downtown Savannah, GA.
  • Do you have any accommodations?
    We have three different accommodations available on-site to book: a three-bedroom loft-style home, a two-bed vintage camper, and a small RV Resort on the property, all within walking distance of our venues. We also work closely with three hospitality groups that can help you find the perfect place for you and your guests. We even set you up with a meet and greet to make communication seamless.
  • Do you have a preferred vendor list?
    We do have a preferred vendor list, and once you've booked, we curate a list of vendors that fit your style, budget, and vision. To get a sneak peek, head over to our Facebook and Instagram pages to see the tagged vendors we work closely with.
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