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The Grainery

Where something old meets something new

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cocktail hour at a garden themed wedding with whiskey barrel tables in the graveled terrace at the industrial chic Grainery at Red Gate Farms

The Grainery previously served as a storehouse, but with some stunning renovations, it has been transformed into a captivating industrial chic wedding venue that you simply cannot find anywhere else in Savannah. This unique space provides guests with breathtaking views of the neighboring lake, green fields, and mature trees dotting the surrounding landscape.


  • 4,000 square feet

  • Hosts 200 guests*

  • Champagne Bowl

  • Climate controlled

  • 20-foot peaked, A-frame ceiling

  • Floor-to-ceiling retractable doors

  • Stained and polished concrete floor

  • Restrooms

  • Wireless Internet

diagram and layout of the industrial chic Grainery at Red Gate Farms

*larger capacities with modification​

Industrial Chic

The space features floor-to-ceiling retractable doors that open up to breathtaking views of the neighboring lake, rolling green fields, and majestic Live Oaks. Inside The Grainery's climate-controlled open floor plan invites you to set up and decorate your event however you imagine. A smaller lounge room outside the main event space holds antique decor and mementos that show off the history of Red Gate Farms.

entrance to the industrial chic Grainery with floor-to-ceiling doors at Red Gate Farms
garden themed wedding reception at the Spanish moss veiled Live Oak at the industrial chic Grainery at Red Gate Farms

Natural Beauty

Just a few steps away from the Grainery is a majestic Live Oak draped in Spanish moss with a beautiful view of the water.  This creates a harmonized juxtaposition between natural and industrial.  The centuries-old Live Oak holds the stories of many who have visited Red Gate Farms and the land it was before.

Complementary Accents

Adjacent to The Grainery and overlooking the water, you are greeted with the large amphitheater, The Champagne Bowl. Surrounded by blooming flowers and trees and offering waterfront views, The Champagne Bowl creates a peaceful ambiance for ceremonies and an ideal setting for live performances.

whimsical boho wedding ceremony at The Champagne Bowl, a covered waterfront dock adjacent to the industrial chic Grainery at Red Gate Farms
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