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Southern Belle Tower at Red Gate Farms with front porch panoramic views
Wedding portrait at the Love Tree, a Southern Live Oak veiled in Spanish moss, at Red Gate Farms

Situated at the heart of Red Gate Farms, The Belle Tower is a beautiful Southern-style home offering a scenic backdrop that gives any event a touch of whimsical beauty. The Belle Tower was the Dream Home of Patty and Dickie. To many on the property, it is identified by different names: The Belle Tower, Mama’s House, Grandma’s, and The Eagle’s Nest. All of the nicknames relate to the strong woman who lived within these walls and her presence on the farm. Grandma Patty used to perch on the top porch and admire the beautiful farm she grew up on. Every night, she left her lights on especially in the belle tower to send a warm welcome and goodbye to all who were traveling through. The Belle Tower is now used for events and offers a place of variety, comfort, and elegance.


  • 3,000 square feet

  • Hosts up to 50 guests*

  • Wrap-around upstairs porches

  • Panoramic views of Red Gate Farms

  • Intimate touch-up suites

  • Spacious parking

  • Restrooms

  • Wireless Internet

layout and diagram of the Belle Tower at Red Gate Farms

*larger capacities with modifications


Inside the home, you will find spacious rooms, tastefully decorated to hold onto its Southern charm, while providing modern amenities. Perfect for more intimate occasions, The Belle Tower will give you and your guests a peaceful retreat to spend quality time with friends and family.

Southern Style
All Embracing

All Embracing

As you wind your way around the home’s spacious wrap-around porch, you are met with panoramic views of Red Gate Farm’s unique property, including the traditional red-door barn, majestic oak trees, a glistening pond, and the paddock where horses graze. Below the porch is a perfectly manicured lawn, large enough to hold ceremonies, picnics, and other outdoor events. 

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