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8 Reasons to Have a Fall Wedding in Savannah

Updated: Jun 28, 2023

Fall weddings in Savannah are enchanting. Between the cozy colors, crisp weather, crackling fires, and dancing firelight, you’ll certainly woo your guests with a fall-inspired wedding at Red Gate Farms. This sought-after season continues to rise in popularity, and for good reason! The fall season gives our couples endless opportunities for warm, rich colors and unique decor. Needless to say, we’re falling for fall weddings! Here’s 8 reasons to have a fall wedding in Savannah.

Amazing weather at Red Gate Farms

1. Amazing Weather

From September to November, the weather in Savannah is wonderful! The temperatures get cool and comfortable, and the chances of random showers decrease.

By planning your wedding in the fall, weather conditions are bound to be more optimal, and it’s the perfect time to host the outdoor wedding of your dreams. Your wedding party along with all of your guests will surely enjoy soaking in the fresh, fall air and mild temperatures as they watch you marry the love of your life.

Pumpkins at Red Gate Farms

2. Pumpkins & Perfect Palettes

With fall comes a plethora of warm color palettes and seasonal decor options tailored to the season. Jewel tones and shades of colors mirroring the changing leaves make for vibrant colors and decor spreads. Neutral tones also tend to make an appearance with each fall and match well with a variety of different looks. Using seasonal decor like pumpkins or pampas grass can also make a beautiful impact in the celebration spaces.

For couples planning their celebration at any of our three gorgeous venue spaces, adding warm autumnal tones will certainly help create the perfect fall look.

S'mores and bonfires at Red Gate Farms

3. S’Mores & Bonfires

A fun option for your celebration is to provide s’mores and bonfires for your guests. At Red Gate, we offer guests an in-house s’mores bar option if they choose to include a fire pit in their reception area. Our team can set up everything guests will need to craft their sweet treat to their liking.

By choosing to celebrate nuptials in the fall, unique (and yummy) experiences like these are perfect for a cozy evening. There’s nothing like enjoying conversations with friends and family around the warming glow of a fire!

Fall Wedding Clothing Options

4. Clothing Options

With its mild, comfortable temperatures, the fall season opens up an array of clothing options for couples, wedding parties, and guests.

It’s common to see the wedding party wearing multiple warm colors or varying textures to create a more complex visual for photos. Bold reds, oranges, yellows, and other jewel tones are great color choices that pair well with the season, and with each other, for a cohesive wedding party look. Additionally, velvet, feathered, and layered clothing have amazing detail and begin to appear more frequently in fall ceremonies.

Outfit options for fall to consider are detachable dress sleeves, customizable jean jackets, velvet, long-sleeved dresses, and more. All of these options work incredibly well in cooler weather and can be used as stand-out pieces in photos.

Boots for Fall Weddings at Red Gate Farms

5. Cute Boots

In the fall, boots and booties are a popular choice among brides. With so many designs and sparkly options, it’s sure to make for some fun photos and great conversations. Most boots and booties allow socks to be worn without being seen. A simple pair of socks make all the difference to help the happy couple stay on their feet all day long!

Candlelights at Red Gate Farms

6. Candlelight & Early Sunsets

Romantic candlelight and early sunsets are the perfect combination for a fall wedding. With an early sunset, lit candles pop as daylight disappears and the celebration begins.

Floating candles make quite an impression on guests and in photos, as they add light and height to centerpiece arrangements. Combined with simple, leafy florals, candlelight is the perfect solution for full, elegant, and romantic decor.

Early sunsets make a beautiful backdrop for a wedding celebration. For most couples, the timing works perfectly so they can take breathtaking portraits either before or after the ceremony, but before they join their guests at the reception.

Twinkle Lights at Red Gate Farms

7. Beautiful Twinkle Lights

Twinkle lights are a simple touch to any venue space that make a huge impact. They add a whimsical backdrop for celebration photos and provide ample lighting for guests without being too harsh. Both The Barn and The Grainery come equipped with gorgeous twinkle lighting. In the fall with earlier sunsets, couples and their guests will be able to experience this beautiful lighting to its full effect.

Fall Wedding Activities in Savannah, GA

8. Plenty of Activities for Guests in Savannah

If your guests have traveled to attend the wedding ceremony and reception, it is considerate to provide additional activity options for them to participate in throughout the weekend. Since our venue is only a 10-minute drive from historic Downtown Savannah, many traveling guests have likely made arrangements in the city. We love when couples include a few of Savannah’s best restaurants, activities, and sights on their wedding website for their guests to soak in all the city has to offer! During the fall, Savannah has bountiful events and activities, including multiple Oktoberfest celebrations, fall festivals, outdoor concerts, and more!

Red Gate Farms

At Red Gate Farms, we can make all of your fall wedding ideas come to life! Our historic property is the perfect place to host the wedding celebration of your dreams, with three enchanting and extraordinary venues well-suited for events both big and small. If you would like to learn more about Red Gate Farms, or want to see our gorgeous grounds for yourself? Get in touch today to learn more and schedule a tour of our beautiful property.


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