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The Bohemian Dream: A Rainy Spring Wedding at The Barn

Updated: Jan 26

"If you want all your best friends, who have already had weddings, to tell you that you "WON" weddings and countless other guests to tell you how you had the most beautiful, fun wedding ever, then book Red Gate Farms. It was truly the wedding of our dreams!"

Red Gate Farms Bohemian Barn Wedding - Elyse and Will

The Couple // Elyse & Will

The Venue  // The Barn

Wedding Date // May 2023

Guest Count // 116

Imagine a spring wedding that was touched by the beauty of Mother Nature herself. Elyse and Will's love story was always bound to be extraordinary, and their spring wedding at The Barn at Red Gate Farms certainly did not disappoint. Despite the unexpected rain that forced a change of plans, their celebration radiated timeless elegance and embraced a bohemian theme with a stunning pink and ivory palette accented by lush greenery. The Barn, known for its idyllic charm, became a magical backdrop for a day that would leave guests in awe.

The day began with Jeff and Mollie capturing each intricate detail and heartfelt moment of the day. They were entrusted with the role of wedding photographer and videographer. Their keen eye for storytelling and skilled lens managed to showcase the ethereal beauty of the venue and every joyous moment throughout the day, ensuring that these memories could be cherished and relived for years to come.

Red Gate Farms Bohemian Barn Wedding - Live Oak in the Meadow

"I've never heard of another venue that will let you decide to move your ceremony inside up until an hour before your ceremony time. Most make you decide that morning. For me, that would've been a disaster because it was literally not supposed to rain at all. An hour before, we made the call to move it inside, and they flipped the inside for the ceremony and then flipped again for the reception, and it didn't cost us anything. Because the Barn is so beautiful, our ceremony was still gorgeous, and as soon as I turned the corner to walk down the aisle, any disappointment I had moving it inside melted away..."

Red Gate Farms Bohemian Barn Wedding - Anything's Possible Gold Ring Arch

The initial plan was to have the ceremony outdoors, under a majestic live oak draped in Spanish moss. But as luck would have it, the rain showers demanded a swift change of location. This turn of events, though unexpected, was preplanned for by Red Gate Farms, as they were ready to implement their included rain plan. Thankfully, the Barn provided an enchanting indoor space, and with a creative touch, it was transformed into a dreamy wonderland. Anything's Possible Rentals supplied the couple with the perfect decorative pieces to enhance their boho-themed wedding. The gold ring arch served as a picturesque backdrop for the ceremony, creating a stunning focal point that perfectly encapsulated the couple. Delicately strewn across the ceiling, twinkling lights gave the appearance of a starlit sky, perfectly capturing the romantic atmosphere that Elyse and Will had envisioned. As the couple exchanged their vows, the light's warm glow enveloped them, creating an intimate atmosphere filled with love and happiness.

Red Gate Farms Bohemian Barn Wedding - Syd Nichole Florals
Red Gate Farms Bohemian Barn Wedding - Syd Nichole Florals

The exquisite florals, masterfully designed by Syd Nichole Fashion and Flowers, were a testament to the bohemian theme, with the soft pink and ivory blooms mingled with abundant greenery. The florals adorning the gold ring arch effortlessly brought the outdoors inside and evoked a sense of natural beauty. These elegant arrangements perfectly complemented the rustic charm of The Barn, creating a whimsical atmosphere.

"The most game-changing inclusion you never realized how badly you needed but absolutely do - the kickstart meeting. I am completely serious, and here's why: PJ talks with you, asking a bunch of questions, learning about you, your vision, budget, etc. Then he recommends 2-3 vendors he thinks will vibe with you, fit budget, vision, etc. And he is spot on."

Red Gate Farms Bohemian Barn Wedding - Rentals

The dining area for the reception was carefully arranged to create a warm and intimate atmosphere for Elyse and Will's wedding celebration. At the center was the VIP table, made up of Rustic Farmhouse Tables provided by Red Gate Farms Rentals. To complete their VIP table, a sweetheart farmhouse table was provided by Anything’s Possible Rentals. Surrounding this focal point, the other tables were thoughtfully placed, ensuring that everyone could feel included and connected to their loved ones. Elyse and Will made a conscious decision to have the VIP and sweetheart table at the heart of the dining area, allowing them to be closer to their cherished family and friends. This layout epitomized the couple's desire to foster a sense of togetherness and love throughout the entire occasion.

Red Gate Farms Bohemian Barn Wedding - Magnolia Grill's Flaming Donuts

Magnolia Grill Catering took great care in crafting a menu that would tantalize everyone's palate with delectable Southern specialties and culinary delights. As attendees savored each carefully selected dish, the air was filled with joyous laughter and animated discussions, creating an atmosphere of warmth and happiness. Elyse and Will couldn't resist indulging in the mesmerizing display of flaming donuts provided by Magnolia Grill, turning dessert into a captivating spectacle for all to enjoy. Furthermore, the entire venue was infused with a delightful, sweet fragrance, adding an extra touch of delight to the experience.

Red Gate Farms Bohemian Barn Wedding - First Dance

The reception truly came alive as Logan Thomas Music took to the stage, carrying the melody of love through the air. A hand-selected playlist tailored to Elyse and Will's preferences set the tone for the lively festivities. The dance floor was always full as friends and family twirled together, celebrating the love and union of the newlyweds. Their first dance was nothing short of magical, encapsulating their deep connection and the start of their journey.

Red Gate Farms Bohemian Barn Wedding - Blue Chip Events The Wedding Ring Guestbook

Rentals played a crucial role in creating a memorable and personalized experience for Elyse and Will’s guests. Blue Chip Events provided the couple with a virtual guestbook - "The Wedding Ring." This fun new twist on a traditional guestbook allowed their loved ones to leave heartfelt, funny, or meaningful voice messages, which added an element of interactivity and sentimental value to the event.

The seamless coordination of the day, from start to finish, was thanks to the exceptional expertise of Absolutely Chic, the trusted day-of coordinator. The attention to detail and organizational prowess ensured that every aspect of the wedding, no matter how small, was flawlessly executed, leaving the couple free to immerse themselves in celebrating their love.

All of our vendors exceeded our expectations. On top of each vendor kicking (butt), they were genuinely really lovely people, and we were beyond thrilled. I can't imagine how much more time I would've spent researching, interviewing, and stressing over selecting vendors if we had to find them on our own if PJ had just sent me a list of all their preferred vendors, or if we had interviewed his recommendations and not liked them.

Red Gate Farms Bohemian Barn Wedding - Sparkler Gran Exit

Luckily, Savannah rain showers never last too long! Red Gate Farms Rentals was able to orchestrate a magical sparkler send-off for Elyse and Will as their perfect day drew to a close. Against the backdrop of the night sky, their loved ones formed a path of glittering light. In this enchanting moment, Elyse and Will were given the chance to shine one last time as they bid farewell to their dear family and friends. This fun and playful touch added an extra layer of magic to their already unforgettable celebration, creating a memory that would forever stay etched in their hearts.

Red Gate Farms Bohemian Barn Wedding -  Jeff and Mollie Photography

Though the rain may have altered their plans, Elyse and Will's rainy summer wedding beautifully showcased the incredible power of love and was nothing short of a fairy tale. It was a celebration that Elyse, Will, their loved ones, and our Red Gate Farms team will remember fondly for years to come. Their whole day was a testament to the fact that love can always find a way to bloom, even amidst the rain.

Elyse and Will, thank you so much for putting your trust in us and celebrating your wedding day at Red Gate Farms. We wish you a lifetime of happiness. Cheers to the newlyweds!



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