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Choosing the Ideal Wedding Date

So, you just got engaged! Congratulations!

Once you’ve taken the time to bask in your newly-engaged glow, it’s time to start planning the wedding of your dreams. While there are many decisions you’ll have to make when it comes to your big day, one of the first and most important things you should consider is your wedding date. As you sit down to plan the happiest day of your life, take the time to envision all of the details of your perfect day. Do you dream of saying “I do!” outdoors? What floral hues and styles of wedding gowns do you prefer? What time of year best aligns with your overall budget? You’ll quickly find that many large and small details rely on the time of year you choose to get married. Need some help deciding the ideal date for your wedding? The experts at Red Gate Farms are here to help! Here are a few things we advise couples to consider before setting their date.

Length of Engagement

When choosing your wedding date, one of the largest factors you’ll need to consider is your desired length of engagement. Of course, every couple is unique, and there is no set amount of time you have to be engaged before tying the knot. However, we have noticed most couples tend to spend around 12-18 months from proposal to the altar. If you can’t bear the thought of waiting over a year to marry the love of your life, you may wish to opt for a short and sweet engagement. While this will ultimately give you less time to plan, that’s no problem when you choose Red Gate Farms as your wedding venue! Using your desired timeframe, we can get you set up with all of the right vendors and help bring your dream wedding to life. When planning a wedding in a shorter period of time, however, it’s important to note that some things, such as custom wedding gowns, may take several months to come in.

Perks of Each Season

The color scheme of your wedding can help set the overall mood and tie in all of the details of your big day, and typically, color palettes are harmonious with the season of the celebration. For example, weddings in autumn tend to have color schemes of burgundies, greens, and shades of golf, similar to the colors of the changing leaves. On the other hand, summer and spring weddings may have pastels or bright, bold color palettes reminiscent of beautiful blooms and sunshine skies. You’ll also need to consider how you’d like the natural landscape of your venue to look during your wedding, especially if you’re hoping to get married outdoors. Luckily for couples that choose Red Gate Farms, our property stays beautiful year-round!

If you’re hoping for lovely fall foliage on your wedding day, we suggest planning your wedding in the later months of the season. The weeks surrounding the Thanksgiving holiday are typically when the fall colors are at their most vibrant in Savannah.

When it comes to the colder months, we are traditionally blessed with mild winters in the South. Red Gate Farms’ magnificent Live Oak trees stay green and lush year-round, though we do have several trees that lose their leaves to show off their grey and white bark. In order to give your reception and ceremony a beautiful green background even in the colder months, our team plants Winter Rye Grass around each of our three charming venues. If by chance the weather gets too chilly, we offer heaters that can be used both indoors and outdoors and can even add a fire pit at The Barn and The Grainery.

Spring is a delightful season here at Red Gate Farms, with beautiful blooms abounding throughout the property and the trees and grass boasting gorgeous shades of green. As the year goes on and the weather continues to get warmer, though, you will need to offer your guests ways to cool off. To offer some reprieve from the heat, The Grainery is fully air-conditioned, and its floor-to-ceiling retractable doors allow for a nice breeze from the nearby lake. We also offer fans for you and your guests to enjoy in The Barn. No matter which season you choose, it’s important to have a rain plan in place in case of a Savannah pop-up shower!

Special Dates

There is nothing quite as romantic as choosing to get married on a date that is significant to you as a couple. Whether it be the anniversary of your first date or your parents’ wedding anniversary, exchanging your vows on a date that you already hold dear just adds to the sentimentality of the day. We’ve also seen a trend of couples getting married on “lucky” days, such as 10/10/2020 or 2/22/2022! Holiday weekends can also be a popular time for couples to tie the knot. If you choose to get married around the same time as your favorite holiday, you can get extra festive with your wedding favors, cake, décor, and more! Don’t worry if your ideal wedding date doesn’t fall on a weekend—we’ve seen a growing trend of couples celebrating their love throughout the week.

Consider Your Budget

Hosting a weekday wedding is also a great option for those looking to make their wedding more budget-friendly. With the popularity of the traditional weekend wedding, it’s likely that venue costs, as well as the costs of vendors, will be significantly higher on Saturdays as opposed to other days of the week. At Red Gate Farms, we have had couples rent all of our venues for their weekday wedding — allowing them to enjoy the entire farm for their celebration! Our off-peak wedding season at Red Gate Farms falls within the following months: January, February, June, July, and August. Choosing a wedding date within any of these months can also help save you money when it comes to the price of your venue of choice!

Red Gate Farms

No matter which time of year you choose for your nuptials, a wedding hosted at Red Gate Farms will surely be a once-in-a-lifetime event! With over 400 acres of stunning Southern landscape and three unique venues to choose from, Red Gate Farms is the picturesque setting for the beginning of your happily ever after. If you’re interested in learning more about our property or would like to schedule a tour to see it for yourself, contact us today!


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