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8 Extra Touches for Your Wedding Day

Updated: Jan 11, 2023

When planning the wedding of your dreams, you’ll likely find that the small details often make the biggest difference. At Red Gate Farms, we offer several in-house rentals that lend the perfect extra touch and truly elevate the celebration. From entering your ceremony to your reception exit, including these eight in-house add-ons will ensure your wedding is an event to remember!

A Horse-Drawn Carriage

Are you looking to feel as though you stepped right out of a fairytale as you enter your wedding ceremony? You’re in luck! Our timelessly charming horse-drawn carriage is extremely popular with couples getting married on our historic and naturally beautiful property. Adding this feature to your wedding package will undoubtedly add the most romantic of touches to your timeless celebration.

Hexagon Arch with Whiskey Barrels

Once you’ve entered your ceremony, it’s time to walk down the aisle! For those looking for a unique backdrop to their ceremony site, we offer a hexagon arch that couples can use as their altar. Reciting your vows underneath this arch adds a modern touch. If you’d like, you can also adorn this arch with your wedding florals, or you can always keep it simple for a more minimalist look! To add a charming, rustic touch, you can also add our vintage whiskey barrels to your ceremony décor.

Hanging Lanterns

Are you feeling extra dreamy and romantic when it comes to your wedding décor? As an add-on, we can hang beautifully timeless lanterns from the limbs of our stunning ancient oaks. With this added touch, your wedding ceremony will look straight out of a movie scene! Plus, it will make for absolutely stunning wedding photography once you’ve said, “I do!”

Golden Bookshelves

As your guests are ushered from your ceremony to cocktail hour, what better way to greet them to the night’s celebration than with a glass of bubbly? If you’re looking for a striking way to present champagne glasses for the evening’s toasts, couples are able to rent our beautiful golden bookshelves! Even if you don’t plan to serve champagne at your wedding reception, the bookshelves can serve as a stunning place to display your decadent desserts. If you’re hoping for a sentimental way to pay tribute to your loved ones, the bookshelves can also serve as a memory wall.

Mocktail and/or Iced Coffee Bar

While at cocktail hour, you can blow your family and friends away by renting a mocktail bar or an iced coffee bar from Red Gate Farms. Your guests will surely enjoy having different options for something to sip on as they celebrate. For those interested in serving alcoholic beverages during cocktail hour, our bartenders can also serve a signature cocktail of your choice for an extra cost.

Farmhouse Table

Once cocktail hour is over, your guests will head into your reception space for dinner. Make your wedding party stand out amongst the crowd by seating them at a farmhouse-style table, available for rent from Red Gate Farms. These tables are absolutely stunning and go perfectly with the rustic charm of The Barn and The Grainery. Not only are these tables stylish, but they also allow your wedding party to gather together and share in the excitement of the celebration in one common area.

A Late Night S’Mores Snack

After a night of dancing and merriment, your guests will certainly appreciate the offering of a late-night snack. If you choose to include a firepit in your reception area, the Red Gate Farms team can help you set up an adorable, fun, and delicious s’mores bar! Your guests will love the opportunity of roasting their own marshmallows and crafting this late-night snack just to their liking!

Bubble Send-Off

Once the night is over, it’s time for your guests to send you off to the beginning of your happily ever after! If you’re looking for something stylish, fun, and memorable, Red Gate Farms can provide you with a bubble send-off using our in-house, state-of-the-art bubble machines. This unique end to the evening will surely make for the most adorable photos!

Red Gate Farms

When you host your wedding at Red Gate Farms, you can rest assured that no detail will be overlooked. Our team of wedding experts can help you choose the best in-house rentals for your celebration and also walk you through our extensive list of preferred vendors to cover all of your needs for the big day. Contact us today to see how we can help bring your dream to life or to schedule a tour of our historic property’s three charming and unique venues.


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