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Fall Wedding Trends

There’s nothing quite like the fall season. The air gets crisp, the leaves change from green to lovely shades of orange, red, and yellow, and though the temperatures get cooler, everything seems to feel just a bit more warm and cozy. With all of the beauty that comes with the autumn months, it’s no surprise that fall has become the season of choice for so many brides and grooms. Fall is also an ideal time to get married because it rarely competes with the family vacations, reunions, and holidays of the summer or winter months. As an added plus, there are endless opportunities to include the bold colors and seasonal flavors of fall in your celebration.

If you dream of autumn nuptials, here are some wedding trends that you are sure to love!

Soft, Wispy Pampas Grass

Looking for something other than traditional florals and greenery for your wedding day? Though once commonly found solely in boho-themed events, we have seen a growing trend of incorporating pampas grass in modern, minimalistic, and even more romantic weddings. These golden, tufted grasses, often seen growing along river banks, will add a perfect, natural texture to your bouquets and wedding décor. The striking look and soft, wispy quality of pampas grass will automatically enhance your ceremony and reception setting without taking anything away from the surrounding beauty of the season. At Red Gate Farms, pampas grass arrangements work perfectly in The Grainery, which is a converted feed store, as well as our authentic and rustic Barn.

Elegant and Bold Color Palettes

One of the best ways to give an aura of autumn to your wedding celebration is by incorporating the striking, gorgeous hues of the season into your color palette. The colors of the changing season, including rich burgundies, brilliant marigolds, and classic forest greens, will surely bring warmth to your celebration. Lovely jewel tones or even more neutral, earthy shades also pair perfectly with the season. Whether you choose to incorporate fall tones through your bouquets, décor, or wedding party attire, don’t be afraid to mix and match. If you’re aiming for a beautiful boho bridal look, have your bridesmaids choose different styles of dresses in different shades within your wedding color scheme!

Stylish Stand-Out Suits for the Groom

Though the blushing bride will most certainly capture the majority of attention on the wedding day, that doesn’t mean the groom has to blend in on the sidelines. In seemingly small ways, grooms can completely elevate their looks while still coordinating with their bride, wedding party, and venue. For example, opting for a suit in a different style, cut, or color from the rest of the groomsmen can make the groom’s wedding attire pop both at the altar and in wedding photos. Picking a tuxedo or suit that fits the groom’s personality and style is a fun way to make sure he feels cool, comfortable, and confident on such a momentous occasion.

Dazzling Twinkle Lights

Lighting plays an essential role in the overall ambiance of your wedding, and not to mention your wedding photography! Whether you are planning an indoor or outdoor reception—or a mix of the two—adding just a few strands of twinkle lights will add a noticeable glow to your celebration. Dainty and versatile, twinkle lights are easy to wrap around things and cluster together. For an extra romantic touch, gather dozens of strings together overhead to mimic a cascading star-filled sky!

Inviting Lounge Spaces

Your wedding reception is a special occasion. Your closest friends and dearest family members are gathered together in the same place to dine, drink, and dance as they celebrate your love and commitment to one another as newlyweds. Setting up a designated lounge area is a great way to customize your space while also reflecting your unique wedding style. These intimate stations encourage your attendees to sit back, relax, and get to know each other, and also serve as a spot for guests to take a break from the merriment of the evening!

Stunning Outdoor Ceremonies

Following the summer season of warm and humid temperatures, fall’s agreeable and cooler weather allows for enjoyable outdoor ceremonies and receptions for both your guests and your wedding party. Not only will the not-too-hot and not-too-cold temperatures work in your favor, but the surrounding foliage of fall will surely set a breathtaking scene for your vows and following celebration! Situated on over 440 acres of picturesque Savannah countryside, Red Gate Farms is the ideal location for those wanting to embrace the natural beauty of fall in their wedding celebrations. With sweeping paddocks, glistening ponds, and grand ancient oaks, our property exudes Southern charm at every turn. Additionally, our three beautiful venues—The Barn, The Belle Tower, and The Grainery—offer the perfect blend of outdoor and indoor ceremonies and receptions. To see how we can help you host the fall wedding of your dreams, contact Red Gate Farms today to schedule a visit and learn more!


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